Information on the Cathedral


The Cathedral is the main church which is the seat of the highest authority, called also the bishop of the ecclesiastic area (which means diocese in the ecclesiastic term). The Bishop leads the diocese in the religious and administrative aspects. In Latin, “cathedra” means seat and Our Bishop and the Apostolic Vicar of Istanbul, His Excellency Monsignor Rubén Tierrablanca’s main church – cathedral and his seat are in the Holy Spirit Cathedral (in French, La Cathédrale du Saint-Esprit). He has been consecrated bishop on 11th June 2016. He is the spiritual leader of the Catholic communities for both Istanbul and Ankara; and he is also acting as the bishop for this area.

According to the Church tradition, the Latin Catholics of Istanbul don’t have a diocese and the leading bishops don’t use the title of “The Bishop of Istanbul”. They have an Apostolic Vicariate. The reason of this is that the Ecumenical Patriarch His Holiness is considered as the “Archbishop- Patriarch of Istanbul.”

Our cathedral is dedicated to the Holy Spirit, one of the personalities of the Holy Trinity which is the base of the Christian faith. Before the major altar on the top in the center, you can see the painting which shows the descend of the Holy Spirit on the Virgin Mary and the Apostles. The mosaic which you can see on the façade of the cathedral is a replica of the painting of the Pentecost of the Cretan painter Dominikos Theotokòpoulos who lived between 1541 and 1614.

In our Cathedral, the Holy Mass of the Eucharist is celebrated in the Latin rite, and it hosts often also the Chaldean Community who celebrate in their own rite.