The Crypt and the Treasure of the Cathedral

There is an underground monumental cemetery under our Cathedral, called “Cyrpt”. Here, Giuseppe Donizetti Paşa (brother of famous compositor Gaetano Donizetti) who founded the first imperial band in the Ottoman Empire, the leading pharmacist of the Ottoman Empire Francesco della Sudda Faik Paşa, the founder archbishops of our Cathedral, the Latin Catholic interpreters (dragomans) of the Sublime Porte who were acting also in diplomatic roles, the benefactor Catholic families and religious people like Diocesans, Jesuits and Dame de Sion Sisters are buried. It has been forbidden to bury in the churches (in all the places except the public cemeteries) according to the Public Health Law of 24th April 1930.

The pilgrim and student groups who would like to visit the crypt must send their request in written format for reservation. Their request will be evaluated.

The religious objects, pictures, liturgical dresses and books which are in the inventory of our Cathedral, the one of the most important centers of the Latin Catholicism of Turkey, are important historiographical sources. We are aiming to exhibit these objects in the two upper galleries of the Cathedral in order to present the history of the Catholicism in these lands through the material culture. Certainly, this museum will have a distinguished and privileged place among the other museums of Istanbul. We are still looking for sponsors to realize this project.